Accommodation rules

In our hotel we try to do everything possible for comfortable accommodation. That’s why we have a set of rules for supporting your convenience.

Emerald hotel is available for 24 hours (24/7)

Check-out time – from 12:00 till 13:00 (local time)

If a client prolongs staying at the hotel for less than a day, the following payment is charged: per hour at departure from 12:00 till 18:00; 50 % from a room rate at departure from 18:00 till 00:00; for full days – at departure after 00:00.

Payment for accommodation and additional services of hotel is taken in cash and non-cash form. Credit cards for payment: MasterCard, Visa, MAESTRO, American Express.

At accommodation less than 24 hours, a payment is raised in days, irrespective of arrival and departure time (there is no hourly payin).

The hotel allows free accommodation for children (under 7, accompanied by adults) without sleeping accommodation.

Rooms are provided for guest after presentation of the passport, the driver's license or other identification paper issued in order, established by legislation of the Russian Federation.

The administration guarantees the visitors safety of their personal belongings in rooms, if accommodation rules are observed. In case of detection of the forgotten things, the administration arranges their return to owners.

Hotel administration is not responsible for visitors loosing money and another valuable things (financial credit documents, telephone card, jewelry) which were not put in the hotel safe.

The administration of the hotel can visit rooms without agreement of the guest in case of smoke, a fire, flooding, and also in case of violation of the accepted order of accommodation by the guest, violation of public order, incorrect use of household appliances.

For your safety the entrance to our hotel and receiving a room key is possible only at presentation of the card of the guest.

By request of our guests, the administration of the hotel allows extraneous persons to be present in a hotel room from 9:00 till 23:00; for this purpose they should recieve a temporary card of the guest at the manager’s. The temporary card of the guest doesn't give the right to a key from your room.

Cleaning is made at the wish of the client or automatically. Change of bedding, towels, toilet accessories is made daily.

We ask you to respect other guests of the hotel, and try during the period from 22.00 till 7.00 to turn down a TV sound, avoid loud conversation and laughter.

Smoking is allowed only in special places and in rooms for smokers.

The parking of cars is authorized only on the designated parking.

It is not allowed: to make a fire; have weapon (except licensed), explosives, and also narcotic and psychotropic substances and use them; demonstrate and use the licensed weapon and special means.

The can allows loud music and noisy actions, including fireworks, are permitted only on agreement with hotel administration and only in designated areas.