SPA Salon

SPA is the modern philosophy of the healthy life-style and beauty. The essence of SPA is naturalness and ease.

   In our SPA-salon you will plunge into charming atmosphere of the rising country sun and will feel as Emperor or the Empress. A few hours spent in this salon, with harmonious combination of the Japanese style, soothing aromas, water procedures and various massage techniques, will help you to recreate and to get into good mood. The salon specialists will offer you a unique “day-spa” body programs with tonic, strengthening or relaxing effect.

SPA-procedures in this salon traditionally begin with Japanese Emperor Bath ceremony that is carried out by a girl-una. Japanese sauna (o-furo) is a complicated ritual that exists for several centuries and is held in several stages.

O-furo helps to overcome stresses, stimulates the operation of cardiovascular system and kidney. It is a valuable treatment and therapy means. It helps if you have metabolic disorder and stops rheumatic pain.

“Altai Sauna”, also called “Cedar health resort”, is made of wood and of real Siberian cedar aged more than 250 years. The wood of cedar contains unique substances - phytoncides - that kill bacteria and viruses and make air healthy.

With mixtures of Altai herbs in the sauna, you can successfully recover from: tracheobronchitis, bronchial asthma, essential hypertension and essential arterial hypotension, disorders of joints and muscles, diseases of reproductive sphere, neurosis, and cellulite. The excellent cosmetology effect is achieved by the antler extract mixture.